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2300 State Highway 47 , Isle, Minnesota 56342, United States
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Isle Discount Supply Inc


Is something broken, or does a part need to be replaced on your Mille Lacs fish house? Are you a resort that needs parts and supplies for your fish house rental houses on Mill Lacs? Do you still need to make those last-minute repairs for your fish house? Isle Discount Supply Inc stocks many items that will help you fix your permanent Mille Lacs skid house or wheelhouse.


Isle Discount Supply Inc Lumberyard Isle MN Finished Mille Lacs Skid House Outside Finished

Isle Discount Supply Inc Lumberyard Builds Custom Mille Lacs Skid Houses


What Isle Discount Supply Inc has in stock


  • Propane Regulators
  • Pig Tail LP hoses
  • Steel Skid Runner Plates & Pulls
  • Fish House Steps
  • LP Tank Racks
  • Rattle Reels
  • Ice Hole Covers
  • Plus much, much more!


Isle Discount Supply Inc offers LP Regulators, Pigtail LP Hoses to Skidhouse Plates & Pulls, Steps & Even LP Tank Racks for Your Fish House. They also have rattle wheels and hole covers & so much more for your Mille Lacs fish house! If anyone with a shack on Mille Lacs needs fish house supplies or repairs, you all know you will; Isle Discount Supply Inc is the number one place to go.


Hard to Find Mille Lacs Skid House Parts

Isle Discount Supply has excellent deals on Mille Lacs fish house supplies, such as on 5″ x 7″ white oak skids/beam for Mille Lacs fish house runners. These are roughly 12′ to 14′ long.


Isle Discount Supply Inc Lumberyard Isle MN Mille Lacs Fish House Oak Runner Skids

Isle Discount Supply Inc Lumberyard Sells Fish House Oak Runner Skids


Amazingly they have these on-hand and in stock. No waiting for a mill run! These are perfect for any Mille Lacs perm/skid ice house.

Custom Built Skid Runners for Ice Fishing Houses

Isle Discount Supply also custom builds steel skids for your Mille Lacs ice house, complete with pulls, plates, and bracing.


Isle Discount Supply Inc Lumberyard Isle MN Mille Lacs Skid House Steel Pulls

Isle Discount Supply Inc Custom Builds Mille Lacs Fish House Steel Runners


Supporting Isle Discount Supply Inc.


Helping to support local Mille Lacs businesses not only feels good yet also makes everyone’s vacation or stay around Mille Lacs that much better. Why? Keeping local companies around Mille Lacs ensures these companies will be here the next time you forget or require something to save your Mille Lacs excursion from being over too soon.


Give Isle Discount Supply Inc a call at 320-676-8166 because they do it all, and if they do not, they will know how and where to get whatever you need. Be sure to support, share, like, and follow Isle Discount Supply Inc. Located a half-mile south of Johnson’s Portside Bait and Tackle.


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$1.00 to $2,506.00
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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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