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Tony Roach of Roach's Guide Service Holding a Huge Mille Lacs Small Mouth
Tony Roach of Roachs Guide Service holds a nice winter ice walleye
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560 East Superior Street , Isle, Minnesota 56342, United States
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Roach’s Guide Service


Roach’s Guide Service specializes in professionally guided fishing trips on Lake Mille Lacs in central Minnesota. Lake Mille Lacs boats some of the best fishing in the country and trust in Tony Roach and his guide team to show you a great day of fishing on Mille Lacs.


Roach’s Lake Mille Lacs Guide service utilizes the best products in the industry and provides expert advice and techniques to help you catch more fish. Open water fishing trips and ice fishing guided trips for individuals, small groups, and corporate groups.


Owner Tony Roach


Tony Roach is a long time Mille Lacs year-round fishing guide. Creator of the Mille Lacs ice fishing tactic of Ice Trolling, Tony is a pioneer of the modern-day style of guiding in which the guide and client(s) are continuously on the move following feeding schools of Mille Lacs walleye and perch. Tony takes his clients to the feeding Mille Lacs walleyes and perch. From there, there is no limit to how far Tony will go to stay on fish that will be caught.


Previously, when visitors to Mille Lacs hired a fishing guide, they would be brought to a freshly moved ice fishing house on a spot that guide has proven fish to have been caught on with the past few days or the previous week.


Tony Roach has guided professionally on Winnibigoshish, Lake of the Woods, Mille Lacs, and many other lakes. He genuinely enjoys teaching to showing and prides himself when clients with very little experience walk away after the trip as semi-Mille Lacs Lake walleye experts. Tony is also a professional angler and and fishing tournament 


The Roach Guide Service Team


Many Mille Lacs Lake experts refer to Tony Roach as a solo artist. Many are amazed to find out the structure which holds up Roach’s Guide Service rivals that of a small corporate enterprise. Over twenty employees, video production, a team of seven well-established Mille Lacs fishing guides, Mille lacs and Twin Cities Metro guided fishing trips and tons of equipment, and so on.


The Roach Guide Team Includes:

  • Mike Zimmerman
  • Brian Hammarsten
  • Mitch Hackenmueller
  • Randy McGovern
  • Tim Schwartz
  • Scott Bickett
  • Brent Peterson



Tony Roach Master Reports Page


Welcome to the master Tony Roach Mille Lacs Lake fishing reports page, featuring Reports, and Tactics from Mille Lacs Lake Area Fishing Guide Tony Roach from Roach’s Guide Service


Tony Roach is one of Mille Lacs Lake’s foremost fishing guides. He certainly is a legend within the industry, and his name is well known around the entire lake. Tony provides good-sized and good numbers of fish when others come up empty time and time again. Tony was voted by Ice Fishing Mille Lacs staff as one of the Top Three fishing guides of Mille Lacs Lake and has a plethora of other titles, awards, and trophies to go along with this. 


In this webpage dedicated to Tony Roach and his online efforts, Ice Fishing Mille Lacs has rounded up all of Tony’s online presence and wrapped everything into one page to make following Tony the most comfortable possible. Now anyone and everyone can stay up to date with Tony and his detailed and thorough knowledge, and Mille Lac reports. Ice Fishing Mille Lacs would like to thank Tony Roach and commend him for the excellent job he does online and offline for anglers of all walks, focusing on Mille Lacs. 


If you need a Mille Lacs Lake, fishing Ice Fishing Mille Lacs recommends Tony Roach. If you would like to catch fish and have the best time possible during your trip to Mille Lacs, both the winter on the ice or summer, contact Tony Roach.


Tony Roach owns and operates Roach’s Guide Service featuring some of the best fishing guides on Mille Lacs Lake.


Roach’s Guide Service Profile


About Mille Lacs Lake Guide, Tony Roach, and Roach’s Guide Service.


Tony offers winter and summer guide services.


Winter Guided Trips/Ice Guide Trips


Roach’s Guide Service Winter Rates

Full day $200 per angler per day

  • 8 hours on the lake
  • Heated Portable Shelter
  • StrikeMaster Ice Augers
  • Rods/Tackle/Bait
  • Fish Cleaning/Packaging
  • Digital Photos

Wheelhouses: $150/per house


Do you have a wheelhouse? Cut to the chase by having Roach’s Guide Service bring you to a fishing spot and show you the lures and techniques that are working now, so you can focus on catching, not searching.


Roach’s Guide Service Summer

Roach’s Guide Service Summer Rates

  • PREMIERE $500
  • Full-Day (8 Hours) 1 to 2 Clients
  • Additional Client: $50
  • Super Half (6 Hours) 1 to 2 Clients
  • Additional Client: $50
  • HALF DAY $400
  • Half-Day (4 Hours) 1 to 2 Clients
  • Additional Client: $50
  • All packages include rods, tackle, bait, cleaning, and packaging. Smallmouth bass trips are available.


Tony Roach “Mr. Walleye Specialties” Pro-Staff Member


Tony Roach grew up in northern Minnesota, where he has been a fishing professional for over a decade. He has guided on a wide variety of lakes, including Mille Lacs, Winnibigoshish, Lake of the Woods, and many more! Roach, a professional walleye angler, competes in tournaments across the Midwest. Tony offers a vast knowledge of multi-species fishing on a wide variety of waters. Tony enjoys guiding and loves to teach everything from fishing basics to the subtle adjustments anglers can make to put more fish in the boat.


Tony Roach Angler Profile

It’s safe to say that no one has drilled more holes during the past decade than Ice Force’s Tony Roach. The only number that possibly rivals the volume of fish emerging to the surface is attached to one of ‘T-Roach’s’ lures. A zeal for fishing imbued with a magnetic personality has propelled Tony to angling stardom. But to talk fishing with this down-to-earth dude, you’ll quickly realize that the celebrity status hasn’t gone to his head.


One of the most popular and respected fishing guides in the Upper Midwest, Tony annually wets a line over 300 days each year. With a name like Roach – nephew of Mr. Walleye, Gary Roach – fishing talent is a foregone conclusion in guiding and tournament fishing. But beyond skill with a rod and reel, Tony inherited his legendary uncle’s unmistakable charisma— a gift for relating to people that beams from Tony’s signature friendly grin. During tradeshow appearances, seminars, or out on the ice, Tony remains highly approachable, never too busy to stop and spin a fishing yarn.


For over a decade, Tony has operated Roach’s Guide Service and remains one of the busiest and most successful guides on Central Minnesota’s perennially popular Mille Lacs. Whether “Ice Trolling” on a frozen lake or back trolling into a walleye chop, Tony has become known as the hardest working, most successful guide on the big lake.


Despite his bloodline bond with Mille Lacs walleyes, however, he’s far from a one-trick pony. Roach’s knowledge of the North Country’s hottest fisheries and angling techniques is unequaled. Whether he’s on the big lakes—Winnibigoshish, Lake of the Woods, Winnipeg—or those coveted backwoods hotspots, Roach seems to always be on biting fish, from big walleyes to thick smallmouth bass, pike, and trophy panfish. This talent has made him a much sought-after commodity in the angling media. Tony regularly appears in national print and broadcast, including In-Fisherman and FLW Outdoors, Midwest Outdoors, Ice Guide TV, and numerous regional radio, internet, and newspaper outlets. He also produces and distributes a weekly on-the-water fishing report via and his own website,


Fishing with Tony isn’t just an education, and it’s a reminder of the sheer joys of fishing; every day on the water seems like Christmas. You feel that this doesn’t work for him, but rather playing out a lifelong passion. With Tony on the scene, the Roach family tradition is alive and well.


Tony Roach’s Info

Hailing from Northern Minnesota, Tony Roach was raised in a boat and on the ice, schooled in all things fishy by his father, as well as his great uncle, the legendary Gary “Mr. Walleye” Roach. On the water over 250 days a year, T-Roach has been a year-around professional guide for over a decade, operating the highly successful Roach’s Guide Service on famed Mille Lacs, Minnesota.


Besides a rare talent for live bait rigging walleyes in open water, Roach devised the innovative “ice trolling” system, which has been highlighted in the national media. He frequently appears on television, seminars, and print publications, including In-Fisherman Ice Guide TV, Mid West Outdoors, Game & Fish, Outdoor News, and In-Fisherman magazines.


Roach’s Guide Service Contact Info


Roach’s Guide Service Contact Info and Links


Roach’s Guide Service Phone Number: 763-226-6656

Email Roach’s Guide Service at


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