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Please use the form below to let us know what we can do for you. We enjoy hearing from our website members and guest. Please let us know if we can improve our website in any way, add something that will bring value to the many things we currently offer or let us know if something does not look right. We generally respond within hours, but it may take one of the team one to two business days if it is ice fishing season.

If you need immediate attention, please note we do have our Mille Lacs forums that anyone can join and ask questions related to Ice Fishing Mille Lacs.

Ice Fishing Mille Lacs Resort Ice Roads Map

If you are a resort or an ice house rental outfitter inquiring about having your ice road added to our Mille Lacs Resorts Ice Roads map, please attach either an image or pdf of your map or include a link to an address online where our team can find it. If you do not have a map, please hand draw one and reference commonly known lake structures.

Please attach your map file, including your resort or outfitter service name, address (location), phone number, and web address if you have one. We will get your ice road and business info on the next update to our ice roads map.

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Ice Fishing Mille Lacs is a smaller website with a sizeable web-based presence. Our visits and pageviews from September to April are almost unbelievable. We receive many requests and questions during the months of the winter ice season, but we also receive inquires and questions year-round. If you would like to contact our Pro-Team for any reason, including advertising opportunities, please fill out the above form and submit your inquiry. A member of the Pro-Team will contact you back very quickly to answer any question or request.


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