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Mille Lacs Ice Fishing Guides 101

There is certainly no shame in any angler’s game with hiring a fishing guide or fishing guide service when approaching a new lake or river.  Even when you have a five star resort providing you with the best service possible with their accommodation out on the ice, there is no guarantee you will catch fish. Many first time or first season anglers make the mistake of thinking that resort rentals and ice houses or placed over actively feeding fish. Although many resorts target the most active fishable areas on their road systems, with most cases the feeding fish move faster than the resorts can move their rentals and ice houses. The basic economics behind it would be that it takes money to move houses and this includes man power and gas which takes away even further by not having this manpower and fuel working to provide a high level of service. Basically, even at the finest resorts around Mille Lacs you would hard pressed to find any of the staff or management when the houses are being moved.



When you are not catching any fish in is only natural to want to move to where they are at and especially where they are active and feeding. So the logical answer for many is to leave the ice fishing house rental and venture out in no man’s land to find these actively feeding fish. Mille Lacs is a very big lake and knowing where to even start is even bigger because intimidation sets in very easily and the urge to "Let's Just Start Here" comes into play. Then after hours of not catching fish the idea of moving sets in as the confidence level dwindles with your current spot. This is where the cycle starts over and yet again day turns into night and you find yourself back at your rental less the fuel spent not catching anything and your overall confidence of catching anything the next day sitting at about half empty.




Why go to Mille Lacs and not catch any fish? You don't have to because there are a few fishing guide services which will put you on actively feeding fish and all you have to do is catch them using the recommendations the guide advises you to use.



When it comes to hiring a guide on Lake Mille Lacs, certainly a little research has a huge impact on how your guide is going to treat you, how well they get clients on fish and most importantly, which guide will maximize your money spent on the few hours of service they provide.


The Guide Services category here at is where the knowledge factor becomes easy to obtain and rip-off factor becomes nonexistent when it comes to hiring a Mille Lacs ice fishing guide. We only feature fishing guide serviced which have a high level of recommendation and impeccable credibility.



Most of the reviews and write-ups of Mille Lacs fishing guides and guide services here IFML will be written firsthand from the knowledge of the blogger. We also take reviews from our readers and visitors to use in our articles so send us your recommendations and short a story of your experience along with any photos you may have. Once we see a fishing guide or fishing guide service have several recommendations we will feature their services here right in the IFML Guides Services category.


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