Lake-wide Mille Lacs Ice Thickness Map for 01/14/2021

Ice Fishing Mille Lacs updates its Mille Lacs Lake ice thickness map for 01/14/2021

Ice Fishing Mille Lacs offers more than Mille Lacs fishing reports. We also offer our Lake Mille Lacs ice thickness map. This map gives anglers an overview of the estimated ice thicknesses around Lake Mille Lacs. We also feature a Mille Lacs Lake-wide Resorts Ice Roads Map that shares the locations of the resort ice roads from around the lake.

Please note that lake ice is never safe. 2021 is certainly no exception. Due to the amount of movement, the Mille Lacs ice has seen this season, including snow and high winds, then given the mild temperatures make the ice for Mille Lacs so far in 2021 very unstable. Our 2021 Mille Lacs ice thickness map is shared for entertainment purposes only. This should not be an ice angler’s only point of ice thickness information when venturing out onto Mille Lacs Lake ice fishing. Be sure to check with your Mille Lacs Lake resort or the local DNR before driving on Mille Lacs Lake’s ice.

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Warning About Ice Fishing Mille Lacs’ 2021 Ice Thickness Map

Again, this Mille Lacs ice thickness map is shared only for entertainment purposes only. The ice thicknesses shown above on Lake Mille Lacs are estimated and NOT exact! The thicknesses shared above offer a general overview of ice thicknesses within the area they are shown. Again, thicknesses shared on this map reflect a broad area and are not specific to one location or place.

Please check with your local DNR or resort before venturing out on the Mille Lacs ice.