Mille Lacs Ice Thickness Update and Ice Fishing Reports 12-27-2012

We are gearing up to have almost perfect fishing conditions on Mille Lacs for New Year’s Eve. Many people visit Mille Lacs to celebrate New Year’s Eve and spend the night in an ice fishing house from one of the many resorts around the lake. Years past, it has been difficult for resorts to get their ice houses ready and placed on safe ice over good structure in time for New Year Eve.

The Weather is Right for a Good New Year’s Bite

The past few years’ weather and ice conditions have not been favorable for resorts, and celebrating the News Years on Mille Lacs in a rental fish house was either not possible or not suitable for the customers when it came to catching fish. 2012 started out looking to be just another poor year for resorts to get ready in time for News Year, but due to the extreme shift in weather, the ice conditions have stepped up for the positive, and resorts are predicting drivable ice by New Year’s Eve. Amazingly this past week and over Christmas has seen just the temperatures needed to gain ice thicknesses over the 12-inch mark, and the lake is coming along nicely.

You can stay updated and watch the transition from foot and ATV/Snowmobile to automotive traffic via our four corners of Mille Lac’s webcam page by clicking here.

Here is the buzz around Mille Lacs and what the ice conditions and fishing is currently like on the Pond:

North End:

East Side:

South End:

Reports have it that a good 10-12 inches are in Isle bay, and the crappie and bluegill bite has been great. Fish shallow and use small to tiny-micro jigs tipped with waxies or euro larva. Some perch being caught out towards the lake in deeper water 20+ feet of water, but as soon as anglers can get out a little further throughout the weekend, the Father Hennepin Island by the tullie hole or Graveyard should start to become the topic.

As always, a bright-colored jig and spoon tipped with minnow parts bounced off the bottom will lure in and catch actively feeding perch and maybe even a hungry walleye. Give your holes about 15-30 minutes, and if nothing, move on.

The Cove Bay area Wilderness Warmth reports they have staked out roads to Spirit Island now and a solid 10-12 from all points between and only a few minor spots with heaves. They still recommend ATV and sled travel, but this should change as the weekend goes by. The walleye bite has been at first light and then again at sundown. Fish anywhere you find active fish or baitfish with depths ranging from 10 feet to 30 feet. Use the standard jig and minnow on your finesse setup and glow hook or jig with a shiner on your secondary stationery.

Northern and perch are not that active yet, but they will feed with the standard offerings if you find them. There was no sign of tullie hatch from last fall, but they could behold held uptight and shallow, which is better for the bite in the Cove area.

West Side:

Here is an ice report and fishing update from Mille Lacs fishing guide Brad Hawthorne

Also, check out the latest Mille Lacs Fishing guide Tony Roach and his recent update on how Mille Lacs Lake is coming with ie, thickness and walleye, and perch reports:

12-27-2012 Tony Roach Mille Lacs Fishing and Ice Report

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