Mille Lacs Ice Thickness Update and Ice Fishing Reports 12-21-2012

Ice Fisherman Are Out Fishing with Good Reports of shallow rock and bay area doing the best.

North End:

On the north end by Red Door the ice reported to be 6.5 inches. Most resorts in the area are allowing people to walk out for free and are now open for all ATV/snow sled travel.

East Side:

Appeldoorn’s Sunset Bay Resort reports they are now open to ATV and Snowmobile traffic and have safe ice staked out all the way to Shaws Reef.  Appeldoorn’s Facebook Webpage


South West End:

Wilderness Warmth Reports 7-9″ of good ice in Cove Bay and around 4″ of ice out towards the main lake from the entrance of Cove Bay. They caution those venturing outside of the bay on ATV or Snowmobile to be alert for thin ice where no snow is located. Tread carefully and be smart.

West Side: 

Courtasy of Kerry at Garrison Sports the bay area out for Garrison is holding 5-6″ of solid ice and ATV and Wheeler traffic is allowed in the area but just be smart and safe. There is a large crack out about 1 mile from the shores around Garrison so walkers, wheelers and snowmobiles can travel to this point. The crack just formed this morning so no one has placed any bridges out just yet. No sure of how big or what the crack consists of at this time. Fishing has been slow the last two days and reports out of Myr Mar Marina report the same. The weather change should spark the bite back on in over the weekend and by Christmas.

Myr Mar Marina