Mille Lacs Lake Update and Report for 1-20-2013



The wind has been a game changer for the lake. From ice conditions to fishing reports if you add in a wind factor, things change and flip flop.

We have very few updates this week so far because most of the resorts around the lake are working their tails off and are on the ice instead of the internet. We have put together what info we could for the time being and more or less will be adding as much info as we can throughout the week. 

Fishing reports are thin just yet but the last we had heard was tip ups with pike suckers are just killing them in 23-35 feet of water with the sucker placed about 5 feet off the bottom. Some of the best reports many have been hearing are happening right now on Mille Lacs. The lake is healthy and productive so get up and fish.


Eastside of Mille Lacs

Appeldoorn’s Sunset Bay Resort:

Roads are open and in nice condition and the walleyes are biting. Roads are reported to be out as far as seven mile. Anglers report using set lines with shiners and rainbows on a small orange and white glow jig about a foot off the bottom in thirty plus feet of water is what produced nice slot eater fish and bigger ones. Ask for directions out to the latest and unpressured flats and you will find fish. Appeldoorn’s is now open to all sizes of vehicle traffic but do urge anglers to call ahead before they come up as conditions change daily.


Agate Bay Resort:

We used the south access all day Friday without problems ( a first). Today we opened the main access and it looks great. We are open for all traffic including wheelhouses and diesels. We still have one 6 hole house open through Monday so if the kids have Monday off, give us a call.

Fishing has been good in spots but some have not had as good a luck. It is getting to the time of year where the shallow bite will probably start to taper off for a couple of weeks. It will be time to look a little deeper for a mix of walleyes and perch. Look more to the 26 to 30 feet of water along the gravel/ mud transition line and just into the mud. 


Mac's Twin Bay Resort with Buzzie's on the Bay Bar and Restaurant:

Good morning on this very cold morning, but hey, the wind has died down!!

Roads are ok so far, but with the very cold weather, we do expect some movement along the main road again. Please drive along the south side of the road from Hennepin to I, then from I to shore, drive along the north side of the stakes.


Fishermen's Wharf Resort:

Ice Update – Last nights blowing and drifting created lots of headaches this morning. The roads are opened up and all in good condition. The bridge at 2 Mile is closed and staff are working on a new location for another bridge. We'll keep you posted when a bridge is open again. Stay Warm!


Nitti's Hunters Point Resort:

**** IMPORTANT ****



Johnson’s Portside:

We turned down the wind machine a bit today…HOLY BLOW BATMAN!!

Gusts over 40mph on Mille lacs yesterday and last night makes for a difficult day for the resorts. By later this morning the roads should be open and ready for travel. Huge wind and a Huge cold front made it a tuff day on the big pond, getting out to move around was not an option for many anglers. White-out conditions on the lake until early Sun morning kept most sitting tight in the fish house.
Deeper water will still be the area to get the most consistant and muti-species action. 25' and deeper, out away from any structure seems to be the ticket. Daytime action is in the deep water but the evening rattle reel bite is still going in the mid-depth areas. Shiners on a set line gets the big ones to take notice. Speaking of shiners we are now entering into the "We just ran out" season. This problem will continue until the DNR allows some importation of live bait from other states, as of now they are very content watching the supply and demand forces take $$ from all the Minnesota anglers. Remember this when your local bait shop runs out or the price of shiners goes up ..again.
Please like and share this latest report and let me know what else you would like to see in the reports.


Westside of Mille Lacs

Rocky Reef Resort:

No Report yet!


North End of Mille Lacs


Barnacle Bills Resort:

No Report yet!


Red Door Resort:

The ice access is fine. We do have two bridges in place over one live crack and one that is still healing.

The major cold snap coming will undoubtedly form a crack somewhere in the neighborhood–hopefully under one of our bridges. If not, we will do our best to safely bridge things as usual. For immediate updates, call our office.

Snow cover is slim but some light drifting is showing up and will definitely show up more this weekend with the high northwest winds in sight. Be very aware of the coming conditions for this coming weekend and early next week. Wind forecasts are for over 30 mph. Saturday afternoon and night. Temps will drop 30 plus degrees in just a few hours–from Saturday morning to Sunday. Make sure you start your vehicles often and run them long enough to insure them staying warm enough to start in the sub-zero temps.

Good luck fishing! Drive slowly and be very vigilant of any new wet cracks due to the cold snap.


South End of Mille Lacs


Wilderness Warmth:

We will be staking our road in the morning past Spirit Island approximately 1 1/2 miles to the mud.  This will open up all the structures to the north and the east of Spirit Island to vehicle traffic.  We have two small cracks by Mazominee Point which are bridged but should be healed by the weekend.  There are not any other cracks past Mazominee Point at this time. 

Fishing report:  Wednesday night through Saturday morning fishing was very good in 26-29' of water.  The bite has slowed down in the 20-24' of water range. The last couple days with the cold weather has slowed the bite.  Remember be safe, be smart and drive slow.


Jerry Brandt's Ice Fishing:

No Report yet!


Lyback’s Resort:

Today as fishermen came off the lake we got to see who caught what.   Fishing was good for most Friday, Friday night and Saturday a.m.  When the winds started Saturday afternoon it shut down until about midnight. Most of the rentals did fair overnight Saturday and early morning until about noon.  The wind picked up along with the barometer and things slowed.  All in all except for a couple houses, fishermen were happy with the fish the caught.  Seen one and heard of two 30 plus inch Walleyes caught and released, and most Walleyes caught were too big too keep. With the 40 plus winds Saturday everyone had a story to tell when the check out today after seeing what the lake can dish out if it wants to.  All in all I would say a pretty good weekend.   All the rentals stayed were warm and safe and all had a good time.   We escorted a few lost fishermen from different areas that got turned around, but most fishermen stayed put through the worst of it. Today was spent clearing snow from the access and the first mile out on our roads,  ( I think most of the snow on the lake ended up in front of us……)  and it was like plowing cement.  But we got it all cleared away and we are in good shape now.  Sounds like the next couple days we are headed for the deep freeze….No more ice worries…time for the auger extensions!


Hunter Winfield's Resort:

No Report yet!


Chapman's Mille Lacs Resort & Guide Service:

No Report yet!