Final Fishing Results for the July 2013 Fishing Tournament on Lake Mille Lacs

Fishing Was Tough

August 2nd 2013
IceFishingMille Staff Writer

Tournament Day Saturday, July 27th. Heading into "Game Day" of the July 2013 Full Throttle fishing tournament on Lake Mille Lacs was reported to be very tough because of weather conditions. Wind and waves made the tournament a challenge for many of the anglers. One Angler was reported stating:

We saw tons of fish on the sonar but as the waves got bigger and as the wind increased speed control was very tough. We didn't get any walleyes in the slot and gave up a little early because my tournament partner was getting sea sick and the bite was slowing. It took us a long time to get back into the weigh in area as the waves became really big and we felt lucky to make it back in alive.”

The Full Throttle Fishing Series tournament on Mille Lacs included a dual species format of walleye and small-mouth bass. Only four boats yielded walleyes at the weigh in and seven boats brought in weighable catches of small-mouth bass. Anglers Jake Hayes and Calvin Svihel took first place in the walleye division while team Cody Zdrazil and Dusty Mann took first place in the small-mouth bass division.

The tournament results bring forward a growing trend that small-mouth bass are becoming very abundant these days in Mille Lacs. At the same time it could be said that the areas which anglers catch small-mouth bass are located in more sheltered bays and locations which could be a reason why the small-mouth bass “outweighed” the walleyes a the weigh in last Saturday.

The following is the full results of Saturday’s tournament:

Tournament Day Saturday, July 27th

Launch time: First flight blast off is 7:00am
Launch Site: Mac’s Twin Bay Resort
Weigh-in: First flight at 3:00pm


Results – Walleye

Team fish wieght points
Jake Hayes and Calvin Svihel 3 7.22 200
Peter Wells and Alex Wells 1 2.26 199
Gardner and Gardner 1 2.2 198
Pam Ruis and Tim Ajax 1 2.18 197
River and Brian Schroeder 0 0 196
Adsem and Olson 0 0 196
Michael Walters and Dave Walters 0 0 196
Tom Davis 0 0 196
Villella and Kuchenmeister 0 0 196
Cody Lubeley and Rudd 0 0 196
Rico Vega 0 0 196
Joseph Morgan and Tim Cain 0 0 196
Chad Sands and Vogt 0 0 196
Kirt and Mac Hedquist 0 0 196
Michael F. Ross 0 0 196
John Mickish and Craig Saeger 0 0 196
Troy Smutka and Trent Smutka 0 0 196
Matt Jollymore 0 0 196
Dan Weimer and Bob Isaac 0 0 196
Lynwood Elliot and Cory Studer 0 0 196
Jeremy Rhoads and Dan Blomquist 0 0 196
Tim Lewis and Brandt Lewis 0 0 196



Results – Bass

Team fish wieght points
Cody Zdrazil and Dusty Mann 5 18.95 200
Tim Price and Brian Knauss 5 14.02 199
Larson and Iverson 5 12.83 198
Steve Ward and Tony Ward 4 10.8 197
John Stevenson and Trever 3 7.66 196
Tom Whitehead and Lindy Fraziel 3 6.66 195
Dave Walters and Kurt 1 2.8 194
Robert Schill 0 0 193
Wyatt Jensen and Daniel Larson 0 0 193
Jesse Lange and Jake Nobbe 0 0 193
Jake Skoquist and Boyde Burke 0 0 193
Katie and Mike Verdeja 0 0 193