Night Ban on Mille Lacs Lifted July 21

July 14, 2014

Minnesota DNR Lifts Night Closure Due to Low Harvest Quota Numbers

On Monday the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources decided and announced to put a date on lifting the current night fishing closure on Lake Mille Lacs. Due to low fishing pressure forecasts and low angler numbers the night time fishing ban will be lifted on or by July 21st, 2014.

Mille Lacs anglers have been subjected to fishing only during the day hours since the Walleye opener between the hours of 10pm and 6pm. The lifting of the night ban on Mille Lacs will allow anglers to stay out later and catch walleyes later than 10pm now. Currently if you were stopped by the Minnesota DNR and had fishing gear in the boat past 10pm at night your would be fined.

Official MN DNR Release

Traditionally there has been a ban on night fishing for the month or so after the opener but the 2014 summer walleye season night ban had no set date to be lifted prior to Monday. Many anglers prefer to fish for summer time walleyes at night and lifting this night time fishing ban will allow those anglers to fish prime walleye fishing hours.

Resort owners are happy to hear this news as the night time fishing ban did hinder some business. The lifting of the night time walleye fishing ban will be welcome news across the lake.

Night time fishing on Mille Lacs can be a positive way to fish for walleyes. If you feel so, please feel free to leave us a comment about your night time fishing experiences.

Bring on the summer night time walleye fishing! Staff