2019 Walleye Opener Report | IceFishingMilleLacs.com

2019 Walleye Opener. The walleyes are going on Mille Lacs Lake but going really slow due to low water temps around the lake. People are seeing walleyes shallow and being lethargic. The low water temps are to blame.

The best bet to find feeding walleyes is to find them with electronics and work them with a jig and a minnow. Shallow walleyes tend to not be feeding. Walleyes found in fifteen feet or less is your best bet when it comes to finding feeding fish. Toss and jig right into the fish you find with your electronics and pick off the ones which are hungry and feeding.

Chartreuse, pink and red 3/8 ounce jig heads have been working the best. Tip them with larger minnows have been the bait of choice. Pike, fathead, and shiners are great to use.

The shallower structure has been the key locations when finding feeding walleyes. Rocks, reefs and other structure such as timber and manmade structures are good locations to start. The darker the structure, the better the location will be. The little sun we have been having will be absorbed in these areas and the fish tend to hold up and school to these areas.

Good luck to those who are fishing post Opener. Fish are being had and those who put in the effort tend to have the most luck and the most fun on Mille Lacs Lake.

IceFishingMilleLacs.com Staff