Ice Defense by Cold Nation Outdoors

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Are you like us and love to “hole hop” while on the ice and under the brisk winter sky of late February to early March in Minnesota? If this sounds like you, keep reading because Ice Fishing Mille Lacs has something for ice fishing that genuinely has us excited for the first time in a very long time!

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Saying ‘Good Bye” to ice hole freeze up, ducer freeze in, and ice linecicles.


Have you ever had a nice walleye on your line and up by your hole only to see it swim away seconds after your ice line caught the jagged edge of your half froze ice hole? How about hole hopping between 20-30 holes around the Graveyard on Mille Lacs, targeting a mature class of jumbos from late Feb to early March. The sun is out, but it’s 10 degrees with a brisk SW wind. The perch are on the sonar, but with your hole freezing over within minutes, you find not feeling the lite bite because your line keeps freezing up? Sound familiar? Any device able to keep your ice hole open and clean for hours on end would be worth its weight in gold.

James Holst

In-depth Outdoors

James shares with us an in-depth product test with The Defence Pro Series. James will show us that the Ice Defence Pro Series does what Cold Nation Outdoors has said it would.


Using a thermometer and digital timer, James demonstrates how the Pro Series handles thirty minutes out in 7 deg. temps. On its own, in 7 to 9 deg weather The Ice Defence Pro Series was able to keep the ice hole open. Furthermore, after the fifteen-minute mark, the Pro Series has the ice hole completely free of all loose ice and slush. James notes that after the first thirty minutes was over, he could even feel a slight wearing ridge around the outside of the ice hole, indicating the Ice Defence Pro Series was wearing down the walls of the ice hole.

After The Pro Serie’s initial product testing, James goes a little further by having the Ice Defence Pro Series go head to head with a battery-powered fish tank aerator in a 9 deg. thirty-minute showdown.


Once again, The Pro Series doesn’t miss a single beat and keeps the ice hole clear and free of ice chunks for a total of sixty minutes now. The reason we decided to showcase this video particular video first and at the top of our product review of the Ice Defence Pro Series is we feel James’s video speaks volumes when it comes to demonstrating how effective The Defence Pro Series is with keeping anyone ice fishing hole open and ice-free.


Ice Defence Pro Series In Package With Thermal Flow

Is it true? Could It Be? Unfrozen and Clear Ice Holes In -20 degrees?

Cold weather fishing tech leader, Cold Nation Outdoors, has created the perfect weapon for the war against ice fishing hole freeze-ups. The name of this simple yet ingenious device is the Ice Defence. It is a third-party accessory designed to keep ice anglers’ fishing holes clear of ice and open even during the coldest winter days. The Ice Defence can be deployed as a free-standing system or attached with any sonar, flasher, graph, or underwater camera system on the market. It has been proven to keep ice fishing holes free from ice and open for extended periods at subzero temps.

How Ice Defense Keeps Your Hole From Freezing


The Ice Defense system keeps ice fishing holes open and ice fishing lines free from ice buildup by harnessing geothermal energy. The Ice Defense system intakes the slightly warmer water just a few inches under the water’s surface uses a water flow control module to discharge the water at the water’s surface. 


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Essentially, the Ice Defence ice fishing hole clearing system is designed to keep ice fishing holes open even in the coldest of conditions. Ice Defence’s secrete is its Thermal Flow process. The Therma Flow process efficiently cycles the slightly warmer water found below a lake’s surface up to the surface where the slightly warmer water is then discharged back into the ice fishing hole. The Thermal Flow process is effective because it cycles warmer water through the ice fishing hole clu


A percolating type effect continuously agitates the water at the surface, preventing it from freezing. The warmer water being brought to the surface combined with the water’s continuous motion adds up to your ice fishing hole not freezing over anytime soon, no matter how cold it gets outside.

How Does the Ice Defense System Get Its Power? 

The Ice Defence system runs on 12-volts. Most common ice fishing sonars, flashers, graphs, and underwater cameras also use 12-volts. As long as your flasher or underwater camera takes 12-volts, its battery should be more than enough to power the Ice Defense.

Ice Defence Series Is Born

The Ice Defence system comes in two flavors, the Ice Defence Classic Series and the Ice Defense Pro Series. The Ice Defence Classic Series and Ice Defence Pro Series share the same fundamental core principle: keeping ice holes from freezing up. The Classic Series and Pro Series both retail for $99.99 each and come equipped with the following accessories included:

  • Multi-Connect Terminal Fasteners
  • Quick Connect Transducer Line Clip
  • Nylon Carrying Case
  • Cold Nation Decal

The Ice Defense Pro Series has two exclusive accessories: Quick connect battery terminal adapters and a universal Velcro strap. When looking at the Ice Defense Classic Series and Ice Defense Pro Series in their packing, they look very similar. Do not let this fool you. Each Ice Defense model is specifically designed to serve a different type of angler.

Ice Defence Classic Series Ice Hole Cleaner Thermal Flow 1200x630

Ice Defence Classic Series Offers An Option for More Stationary Anglers

Ice Defense Classic Series by Cold Nation Outdoors

The Ice Defense Classic Series system was Cold Nation Outdoors‘ first product to hit the ice fishing accessories market. Its uniqueness is it offers universal practicality that is better suited for tip-up ice anglers, wheelhouses, and skid style permanent ice fishing house owners. The Classic Series is designed to complement the stationary ice angler. Once it is placed in an ice fishing hole, it instantly goes to work, keeping the hole clear and clean of ice. 

The Ice Defense Classic Series keeps ice fishing holes free of ice down to minus -20 degrees Fahrenheit for upwards of two to four hours, or as long as the temps do not dip below -20 degrees. 


As the above YouTube video by Cold Nation Outdoors reveals, the Ice Defense Classic Series is a standalone type model that rests on the ice hole ledge, unattached from any flasher, sonar, graph, or underwater camera system.

Ice Defense Pro Series by Cold Nation Outdoors


The newest model from Cold Nation Outdoors is the Ice Defence Pro Series. The Ice Defence Pro Series offers ice anglers a much broader range of uses for mobile and portable ice anglers. It’s water flow control module is not tied to the ice hole ledge bracket as the Classic Series model is. The Pro Series features anchoring flush mount holes that allow the water flow control module to be permanently affixed on a wide range of surfaces.

Once the Ice Defense Pro Series’ water flow control module has been mounted to the graph’s, sonar’s, underwater camera’s, or flasher’s base, the only additional setup is to connect the power cord. That’s it, and your Ice Defence system setup is complete.

So, within only a few minutes, the days of ice hole freeze-ups, ice bead line buildup, or lost fish due to line freezing to the ice or catching on a rod’s eyelet is over.

Final Thoughts On The Ice Defence by Cold Nation Outdoors


Cold Nation Outdoors has filled a niche area that ice fishing anglers and Mille Lacs Lake fishing guides across the board have been dealing with for decades. Both the Ice Defence Pro Series and the Ice Defence Classic Series are well made; the Ice Defence ice hole clearing system delivers on what it promises and is worth the investment. The Pro Series model is perfect for mobile and portable anglers, and the Classic Series model is something any wheelhouse or permanent shack owner needs for tip-uping around the ice house. This product will keep ice fishing holes open and clear well below zero, and it will change the way anglers fish that have not used an Ice Defence product before.