Dummies Guide to Fish House Rental on Mille Lacs Lake

Is there a Mille Lacs fish house rental in your future leisure time plans? Are you planning an ice fishing vacation, getaway, or adventure this winter to Lake Mille Lacs in central Minnesota and new to ice fishing? Of course, an angler new to Mille Lacs could make everything very easy and hire one of the top Mille Lacs Lake guide services and let their guide handle everything from food to luxury ice house rental accommodations.


For the majority of ice anglers, choosing to travel the standard route with their Mille Lacs ice fishing vacation will most likely be the best choice. For this, we have assembled our Mille Lacs Ice House Rental for Dummies guide designed to help anglers ensure their trip to the walleye pond goes smooth and is enjoyable.


This article will help ice anglers new to Mille Lacs with their questions on the best equipment and gear to bring with them and how they can get things if they have forgotten something at home.

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New Ice Angler Basics 101

This time of year, Ice Fishing Mille Lacs gets hundreds of messages each day from our members, followers, and guests on Facebook asking, “What do I need for my first trip ice fishing”? Our team loves seeing all these questions, and it gives us great pleasure to answer each one. Many of these questions are from anglers new to Mille Lacs Lake, but many questions come from anglers who are new to ice fishing altogether.


One of the most common questions we see is, “What gear and equipment will I need when renting a fish house on Mille Lacs?” We decided to look for an efficient way to help us answer these questions while answering questions many new anglers have that have yet to be asked. The solution we found answers many questions about the necessary equipment and gear new anglers should invest in. We found a video featuring Clam Outdoors experts Matt Johnson and ice angling Pro Jason Mitchell in a video provided by the ice fishing gear experts Scheels Outdoors. They perfectly answer many of the most common questions new ice anglers have about their upcoming Mille Lacs trip.


The following video provides new anglers to ice fishing an overview of good things to know for a future with ice fishing. Those who have never ice fished before or who have just started need almost nothing as far as ice fishing gear or equipment when renting a fish shack on Mille Lacs Lake. However, the following video will provide new anglers with some great information about ice fishing that may help them during their ice fishing trip to Mille Lacs.

What Anglers Should Bring When Renting An Ice Fishing House on Mille Lacs

Renting a fish house on Mille Lacs is unlike any other experience in the hospitality industry. If you are new to ice fishing and have a trip planned to Mille Lacs renting a fish house, you may have asked yourself, “What should I bring”? Ice Fishing Mille Lacs attempts to answer any questions you may have.


Many people find themselves being involved with an unexpected ice fishing trip to a Mille Lacs resort to ice fishing each winter. Employers may rent a big fish house to host a day event for their employees, or a close friend or relative may extend a last-minute invite because someone else had backed out. No matter how an angler may find themselves planning a Mille Lacs trip, there will be gear and other previsions needed for your trip.

Pre-Mille Lacs Fish House Rental Checklist

Luckily for those who receive those unexpected and last-minute invites, Ice Fishing Mille Lacs has the perfect pre-Mille Lacs fish house rental checklist. Each Mille Lacs resort and fish house rental outfitter will be different, but the following list should prepare any ice angler for the Mille Lacs trip.

What Mille Lacs Resorts Provide With A Fish House Rental?

  • Almost all rental fish houses have rattle reels, so no ice fishing rods are needed.
  • Most overnight rental fish houses have a bathroom either inside or outside of the house.
  • Nearly all Mille Lacs rental fish houses, day rental or overnight, have heaters, propane lamps, or 12v lighting.
  • Practically all overnight Mille Lacs rental fish houses have bunks with mattresses.
  • Virtually all Mille Lacs rental fish houses have seating and a table.
  • All rental fish houses have a plowed road to them, allowing anglers to drive their vehicle to the front door.
  • All rental fish houses will have drilled and clean ice holes.

What Mille Lacs Resorts Do Not Provide With Their Fish House Rentals?

  • You will need to bring toilet paper if the rental fish house does not come with a bathroom.
      • *Alternatively, most Mille Lacs resorts will have facilities, even facilities with a shower, on land by their offices to use.
  • Live bait and walleye ice jigs are not provided.
  • Most resorts and outfitters will not provide drinking water or food.
      • *A few resorts offer inclusive meals and dining with their fish house rental packages.
  • Most day rental fish houses do not have a microwave, hotplate, or cooktop/stove to cook food.
      • The exception is overnight rentals generally do have some method to cook food
  • Most fish house rentals will not provide water for washing up or cleaning dishes.
      • Rentals with bathrooms generally will have water for washing up and cleaning dishes.
  • Most overnight rental fish houses do not include bedding or pillows.
  • Most day and overnight fish house rentals do not have refrigerators.
      • The alternative is to keep frozen or cold goods outside on the ice out of direct sunlight.

How to Get Forgotten Items and Where to Get Stuff You Need During Your Trip?

Ice Fishing Mille Lacs offers its own Mille Lacs Lake Business Directory that lists all the gas stations, bait stores, restaurants, general stores, and liquor stores that surround Lake Mille Lacs.


If you find yourself needing something and do not know where on Mille Lacs Lake to go and get it, always ask your resort or Mille Lacs Lake outfitter where to get the item. They will know and even in a rare circumstance, they may have an extra of what you need they either sell or will give to you as their guest.