2021 Top Five Best Walleye Ice Fishing Jigging Spoons for Mille Lacs Lake

Ice Fishing Mille Lacs counts down the top five best jigging spoons for walleyes during the winter season.

Ice Fishing Mille Lacs counts down the top five best ice fishing jigging spoons of 2021 for Mille Lacs walleyes. The jigging spoons on our top five best jigging spoons list are a must-have for any Mille Lacs ice angler’s tackle box.


Our top five best jigging spoons of 2021 are based on what the top ice fishing guides of Mille Lacs recommends, along with our own IFML staff’s experiences. A jigging spoon is one of the top lures a Mille Lacs ice angler can use when targeting both early ice walleyes and perch. It does not matter if you are fishing out of a portable or on the ice, or renting a Mille Lacs deluxe fish house rental, the jigging spoon is one of the most effective lures an ice angler could be using no matter how and where they are fishing on Mille Lacs.


Our list of the top five best jigging spoons of 2021 starts with number five and progresses to the number one and best overall jigging spoon ice anglers should be using while ice fishing on Lake Mille Lacs. We provide details on why these spoons are the best to be using on Mille Lacs, along with sharing images and part numbers of the spoon so anglers can get the exact jigging spoon used in our write-up and videos below.

Tony Roach from Roach’s Guide Service discusses Mille Lacs Jigging Spoon Tips

Northland’s UV Forage Minnow Jigging Spoon

Part Number: FMUVS4-26

Northland’s Forage Minnow Jigging Spoon is one of the most lifelike mini-sized jigging spoons on the market. The Forage Minnow is metal molded with a unique minnow shape designed to flash and flutter, mimicking a distressed minnow, a walleye’s most desired food source.


The Forage Minnow features a VMC cone-cut treble hook, holographic 3D lifelike baitfish-image, and is a lethal choice for ice fishing walleyes and perch on Mille Lacs.

Brad Hawthorne from Hawthorne’s Guide Service shares why the Forage Minnow Jigging Spoon is a great ice lure to use for Mille Lacs walleyes.

Grab the exact same lure Brad Hawthorne shared in his above video.

Northland’s Forage Minnow Jigging Spoon

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Clam Rattlin’ Blade Jigging Spoon

Part Number: 12670

Clam Outdoors’ Rattlin’ Blade Jigging Spoon offers an imitative slicing and trembling movement of a decadent minnow, companied by the mega brash rattle. The Rattlin’ Blade has stainless steel bearings that create the rattle from inside its pyrex-glass, offering a loud and crisp rattling sound.


The Rattlin’ Blade Jigging Spoon calls Mille Lacs walleyes in from vast distances, and its realistic actions and ornate movements, along with its right colors, can get those Mille Lacs walleyes to clamp down and get up the ice hole.

Clam Outdoors’ Pro Tack – Rattlin Blade Spoon

Clam’s Rattlin’ Blade Jigging Spoon

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VMC Tingler Spoon Kit 1/8 Jigging Spoon

Part Number: TGS18L3

The VMC Tingler Spoon offers a unique wide wobble, curved body, and a sleek v-shaped design. The Tingler Spoon perfectly mimics the actions of an injured minnow, along with featuring a lifelike and realistic holographic eye and holographic attractors.


Its natural minnow pattern will significantly increase your chances of catching more Mille Lacs walleyes and perch! The Tingler Spoon’s bonus is its VMC Ultra Glow colors lasting upwards of fifteen minutes, allowing anglers less time out of the water and more time in it.

Ice Force Describes The VMC Tingler Spoon

VMC Tingler Spoon

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Lindy Rattl’N Flyer Spoon

The Lindy Rattl’n Flyer Jigging Spoon is a hybrid style jigging spoon. It has an irregular movement combined with a gliding sort action. For its attractant rattling sounds, the Rattl’n Flyer Jigging Spoon employs brass beads. Pair this with its comprehensive arrangement of colors, unique body contour, and simulated baitfish scale design, the Rattl’n Flyer Jigging Spoon has been proven to be lethal for Mille Lacs winter time walleyes.


The non-lead compound structure provides the Rattl’n Flyer Spoon with perfect weight balance. It’s dainty enough to flash, swing, flechette, fly, or spin while it drops, yet weighty enough for the ‘feel’ and attack that skilled Mille Lacs ice anglers prefer perfect rod tip control.


Jon Thelen shares the granular details behind the Lindy Rattl’n Flyer jigging spoon for walleye.

Lindy Rattl’N Flyer Spoon

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Northland UV Buck Shot Spoon Glow Perch

Part Number: BRUVS2-20s

The best overall jigging spoon for Mille Lacs walleyes is the Northland Tackle Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon. The Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon employs an s-curve design that delivers erratic movement, high-pitched sound waves, and emphasized flutter when jigging for Mille Lacs walleyes.


The Northland Tackle Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon practically quivers in place when wary walleyes travel into striking range. Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon has a built-in, high-pitched, glass rattling body that produces a terminal fish-attracting sound. Lead-free, the Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon is a z-alloy spoon that utilizes an s-curve design. Its body is brightly designed to give the most significant flutter and flash to mimic a distressed or dying live minnow. The Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon is excellent for vertical jigging Mille Lacs Lake walleyes and is a lure anglers will want in their ice fishing armory.

Tony Roach of Roach’s Guide Service Discusses the Finer Points of the Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon

Northland’s Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon

Pickup the Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon from Amazon

Jon Thelen Explains walleye jigging spoons in detail.

The above is Ice Fishing Mille Lacs’ Top Five Walleye Jigging Spoons for Mille Lacs Lake. If you have or know of a great jigging spoon for Mille Lacs walleyes, please feel free to share it in the below comments section.